Our body inclusive show is giving anyone the chance to shine in the spotlight

and have their stories heard.  

DreamWalk was dreamed up by two sisters, Alyse and Lexi Scaffidi, who didn’t meet modeling height requirements and felt that society should let go of “restrictions” and give anyone the chance to rock the runway and have their stories heard.


This breakthrough, one-of-a-kind event has taken social media by storm and provides an outlet for  inclusive and diverse representation. What started as a fashion show, has turned into a nationwide movement and community.

At its core, DreamWalk is about self-acceptance and body-inclusivity. Our runway stars are just like you. There is no one size fits all. No specific look, weight, sex or age. We don’t believe people should be left out based on their sexuality or disability. These are the things that make you you. And we want you.

Our Mission: We aim to represent the 99% of people who don’t fit restrictive “model” criteria to create an inclusive, diverse community of people.

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Meet the Founders

"This runway show highlights a huge problem that gets overlooked in the fashion world" - INSIDER

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