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"Make a difference by being different."

- Lexi Scaffidi

Alyse and Lexi Scaffidi are sisters determined to make a difference. They started their entrepreneurial endeavors back in 2014, with the establishment of an online health company called BiteSizedFitness. While the business’s name stemmed from their small physical stature, there’s nothing small about their ambitions. Known for their inspiring and colorful social media presence, the sisters have helped push the topic of “body inclusivity” to center stage.

In October 2017, they created a body inclusive fashion show in New Jersey, dubbed the “Anti-Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” by the media. The show received viral attention with more than 45 million views on social media and hundreds of articles across the world. Inspired by their viewers, Alyse (age 30) and Lexi (age 29) hosted the 2nd annual DreamWalk Fashion Show in Philadelphia in November 2018, which had over 500 attendees and 65 Dreamers walking the runway. The 3rd annual DreamWalk Fashion Show SOLD OUT Live Nation's Gramercy Theatre in New York City during Fall Fashion Week 2019. With so much interest, the sisters have now expanded to multiple shows per year.

The sisters have always remained close, even while earning their degrees at separate universities. Alyse, a Pharm D, and Lexi, an accountant, credit their complimentary skills and unique backgrounds for their continued success. Their fashion show proves there’s nothing wrong with being different and chasing after your dreams.  With DreamWalk, they hope to inspire others to embrace their individuality, regardless of race, size, sex, shape, age, or setbacks.


podcast episodes 

Click below to listen to some podcasts our Founders have been on talking DreamWalk & life! 

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