DreamWalk is an inspiring, extravagant, costume themed fashion show inclusive of all genders, sizes, ages, ethnicities, sexualities, & abilities.

2018 DreamWalk Fashion Show, Presenting Sponsor: @lifebrand.life Producer: @domcuch 

Musical Performances: @kickingsunrise, @owlcappella, @zachmatari & @theafterparti 

Photographers: @irynashostakphotography @fisher_visuals @nene_cramutola @emm_jayy92

We’re on a mission to prove there’s no one-size-fits-all image of beauty. It’s time runway stages and social media platforms start celebrating the unique qualities that make bodies of all shapes, sizes and colors beautiful.


DreamWalk is the first ever “body inclusive” fashion show of its kind. The focus isn’t on designers, but rather the inspiring individuals as they confidently strut their stuff on stage – and shatter beauty stereotypes in the process.

As teenagers, my sister and I wanted to be models more than anything. We dreamed of walking the runway, but realized industry standards made that impossible because we didn’t fit their physical requirements. Not only did this crush our dreams, but it also caused us to feel as though we weren’t good enough. And we know we’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from poor body image because of today’s media. With DreamWalk, we’re flipping the script on society’s beauty standards. 

We’re using a fashion runway as a platform to prove all body types should be included on runways. For DreamWalk, you aren't chosen based on looks, but rather the struggles you've overcome or your achievements in life. Our "dreamers," which is what we call our models, are inspirations for younger generations. By walking on our runway, these individuals prove you are capable of achieving anything in life, regardless of your race, size, shape, age, or setbacks. 

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Meet the Founders

"This runway show highlights a huge problem that gets overlooked in the fashion world" - INSIDER

Recap video of our 1st show in 2017 



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